An Enchanted Encounter

Why should I hire an officiant? 

         If you are not affiliated with a church an officiant could be just right for you as most officiants are more than happy to accommodate any kind of religious, non-religious, or spiritual wedding. If you desire an outside wedding or a wedding not located within the confines of a church an officiant can perform the wedding with no hang ups about the location. An officiant can even be hired if the pastor/preacher for your church cannot perform the ceremony.


Do we have to attend counseling?  

        No, counseling is not necessary for me to marry you and your significant other. Churches often require pricey but sometimes healthy sessions. 


Does it matter what our religious beliefs are? 

        No, it does not matter what you believe in. I believe in equality of religion and am ordained through the Universal Life Church which represents and stands for religions of all kinds. 


My partner and I are homosexuals, can we be married?

        By Georgia Law, transgender and lesbian/gay couples are not allowed to be married. However, commitment ceremonies can be performed. A commitment ceremony is in all essence, a wedding without a license. 


If we are already married why should we hire an officiant to perform the ceremony?

        It is true that it is not necessary to involve an ordained minister in performing a ceremony for a couple that is already married, renewing their vows, or performing a commitment ceremony; However, it is strongly recommended that you do. You have planned this day to be special and probably wish to remember it as such. A ceremony and/or vow renewal can have many other problems, don't let an unexperienced friend or family member cause any undue stress with their lack of experience. 


How do I book a date and time?

        Contact me! After speaking with me you can put down a non refundable deposit that saves your day and time. Until money is received, the time and day slot is still open for other clients. Your deposit is non refundable for many reasons, the most important being that I am closing off that day to other potential clients. You can -pay in full up front with no worries about getting the money back, minus the deposit, if something unfortunate should happen and the ceremony does not occur.


I've booked An Enchanted Encounter, now what? 

        You should receive an email that contains a ceremony building packet. This is key to building a unique ceremony that is special for the two of you. This allows you nearly absolute freedom in creating the ceremony. Once you have put together your ceremony it is emailed to me for finalizing at least two days before the ceremony date. This allows ample time for finalizing and proofreading. 


What does the fee include? 

        The fee paid includes any travel that may be needed. If you are in the local area this includes my attendance to the dress rehearsal. It also includes the use of all the information that I have gathered for building ceremonies and the performance of said ceremony.  


I've put down my deposit. When is the rest of my fee due?

        The remaining amount owed is due before the ceremony. This can be cash, personal check, or money order. If you wish to pay the remaining balance with a credit card the balance must be paid before the wedding takes place. The payment should be placed in an envelope to be given to me before the ceremony takes place. It is best to have this all figured out the night before so you do not have to worry about it on your special day.